Sunday, June 18, 2017


This was a wonderful weekend for me!  I visited the Oregon Gardens in Silverton on Saturday and the Renaissance Faire in Canby today.  Today's post will show the Oregon Gardens. It was a nice day to go view the gardens and I fully enjoyed it.
In the water gardens area I was giggling at a bird that walked across the lily pads as if this were the norm.  
Then I spotted a snake swimming in the water and I think he was hunting.
This frog was eating a fish or tadpole. I saw him catch it!
The different water features are so nice and listening to them so relaxing.
A few birds enjoyed bathing in the features.
There were colorful dragonflies darting all around.
Lots of little natural panoramas and a sea serpent floating by!
Beautiful nature everywhere...
I love the little hobbit house in the children's garden with front and rear door!
A variety of gazebos and seating areas are scattered throughout so you can enjoy the beauty.
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful gardens...
I certainly enjoyed God's beauty planted and cared for in this garden!
A lovely, peaceful place to remind you to slow down and enjoy the little things.


  1. What a great garden! Your photos really show the beauty you enjoyed there.

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh Rose! What a wonderful way to share the beauty of this garden. You have a gift for choosing the perfect subject, the loveliest composition, and sequencing them in exquisite harmony. Thank you! Alice

  3. Those photographs are beautiful - make you feel like sitting down there and dream away…
    Love MF

  4. Loved the gallery you show. Awesome, and glad your weekend was good! Carrol

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I know you had a lovely day.
    Take care and thanks for keeping in touch. Love, BJ

  6. The pictures were beautiful. I'm glad that you went. Moma

  7. Gorgeous photos. The gardens look amazing. I would love to spend an afternoon or so there.

  8. Such gorgeous shots of this fabulous garden! That hobbit house is charming, and great shot of the snake.


  9. fascinating garden captured by my favorite photographer. What a great adventure! Lynnette

  10. Wow, you really covered a lot of ground. How good to know you can once again walk and do the things you love. The photos are beautiful and how fortunate you are to catch the bird, the snake, the frog. You have a marvelous eye. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos.

  11. The Blue bird in the water with Blue highlights on the water would sure make a beautiful painting or Print. Loved all of your photos. Love mom