Monday, June 1, 2020


Hummingbirds really do enjoy the feeder. I always enjoy catching a few shots of them!
Nuthatches also visit to enjoy the suet.
An occasional scrub jay drinks and dines.
Goldfinches love the bird bath and the seed.
Doves come by to eat the seed that ends up on the ground.
And a towhee drops by! Photo taken with phone through a window.
Purple finches come by to eat and gaze at me.
They always come with joyful song.


  1. You have captured some beautiful birds. I am getting new hummingbird feeders for my yard. Regular feeders just do not work since we have squirrels that eat all the seed. Enjoy your bird watching.

  2. I especially love these pictures, Rose! We are three days away from having our robins leave their nest. We've been watching them ever since Mama Robin began building her nest under the eaves on the front porch. Unfortunately have no photos to documents, but you fill in that gap most wonderfully. Thank you! Alice

  3. You should submit them to Birds and Blooms. They also have an annual hummingbird month in their magazine.

  4. Great pictures. It is so much fun to watch the birds come and go.