Thursday, January 28, 2021


 Today I chanced to read one of my poetry books I had created and I enjoyed the memories.

It came from an assignment in a class I took. The teacher gave us each a couple lines to start our poem with and I have italicized them.  We were to create a 'found poem' that expresses us, what we feel, or what we are, or something of ourselves. 

Here I share it with you. 


I take a path, walking

where my spirit will lead,

time and thought my surveyors;

they lay the course well.

My human heart stirs

as I contemplate the firs

robed in green-gray moss,

the murmuring pines and mossy hemlocks,

the gnarled elms with grumpy silhouettes.

Among these bending boughs I inhale

inspiration and follow my imagination.

The sunset gleams a smoldering smile

upon the horizon as loons circle

in the moth-spattered light.

Shadows of clouds upon a rivulet

change, minute by minute, 

and I see my Muse whispering words into the wind.

Light pirouettes off the shore,

a mystic play of shadows,

twining and twisting as if alive.

My soul is reflected in nature,

a splinter of light in a river

that undulates through life.

Like a single snowflake, complex and delicate,

I am unique from all others.

As words uncoil like smoke

emerging from a smothered fire,

they rise leisurely out of me.

I am a chanter of pain and joy,

unifier of here and hereafter,

embroiderer of expressions,

passing on my revelations.

I let words rain down on me, 

hear matchless lyrics within their flow.

The paper in memory's sketchbook is crisp,

smooth, a virgin of loveliness

expectant beneath my hand.

Words come to me, slowly, tenderly, shyly.

I am a weaver of language and dreams,

they quiver against my tremulous hands

as my fingers shift them like fine sands.

'I am'

I proclaim, 

and through expression

I shall exclaim it

again and again.

Rose Lefebvre ©


  1. Beautiful poem Rose.

  2. So beautiful Rose. Thanks for sharing this with us. xoxo

    1. Thank you. I love sharing in hopes it touches someone.

  3. Such tender words! Love it. Kathryn

  4. You have a way of weaving words together and making them sing.

  5. Lovely! A couple of my favorite lines are the grumpy silhouettes and smoldering smile. 

    It's one of those satisfying poems that ends so well--"sticks the landing"--which I think is so important in satisfying the reader.

    1. Thank you, Pat. I so appreciate that you like it!

  6. Love gnarled elms with grumpy silhouettes and your declaration of self, Rose!

  7. Rose, I have read your poem "I Am" several times now, and each reading brings its own rewards. This morning I ran across a quotation of Ursula Le Guin describing poetry as "a patterned intensity of language." A good description of your work. In addition to the beauty of the images and the language I appreciate your choice of format. The centered lines conjure the feeling of variable breezes or waves of water or, perhaps, the flow of dappled sunlight moving across the land.

    Thanks for sharing it.


  8. I have always found it difficult to understand poetry, not the words but the format/rhythm, something missing in my head! but the words themselves in your beauitful poem spoke to me - moth spattered light - I like that - I could really visualise the things you conjured up - really lovely.

  9. Oh, this is lovely, Rose! You have a wonderful, descriptive way with words - they truly paint beautiful pictures. xx K