Thursday, August 26, 2021

poem: I Wait


I WAIT   by Rose Lefebvre


Stars glitter like grunion running across the sky

while the pearl moon blooms between two grey-blue clouds.

Moonlight strums the undulating ripples across the lake,

its fluid energy an intoxicating sensuality.


Bullfrogs belch out a rumbling song as crickets add

their own rock and roll rhythm. On the edge of night,

I envision my youth hovering like a ghost.  A tapestry

of thoughts emerge, roam like smoke curling out of a fire.


I sense emptiness behind the stars

as I gaze down upon the distant moon-washed town.

Trees stretch their arms to the moon as I muse -

Are there stars beyond stars, other worlds never glimpsed?


My curves remember your tender hands that caress them,

honeyed words that drip from your tongue to my hungry ears.

Here in the throbbing night bathed in seductive light,

I wait, wait for you to call me in, into the cabin,

into your arms, into your heart.


  1. Another beautiful poem Rose. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. xoxo Kris

  2. A lovely word-painting of the woods.

  3. I Wait. A beautiful word dessert for the beloved.


  4. What a beautiful poem, Rose. So good to hear from you, I think of you often and wish we could visit like "real live" people instead of long distant buddy. Alice

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Linda. Means a lot coming from you

  6. such a beautiful poem. Really lovely. Sorry to hear you have had sad times lately in your family. I hope the road forward is looking brighter. take care.

  7. very sensual! you could make a film based on this! Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck with the home moving plans that you mentioned