Tuesday, June 20, 2017


After church on Sunday, June 18th, I traveled the 10 miles to nearby Canby to enjoy the Renaissance Faire being held there.  I have been to a number of them over the years and do enjoy it. Even many people who attend will dress in costume. I used to when younger and loved fitting in with the frivolity! I had even made a costume for my husband and he wore it with pride! We were peasants.
I love seeing the costumes...
Sometimes I wonder about the people in the costumes...what they are like away from here...
There are shows to see and little plays...
and vendors selling their wares...
I got a henna tattoo here! It is not permanent like a real one and no pain!
And, of course, there is always the joust!
The crowd did thumbs up to allow the valiant knight to survive. Hazzah!
Even a pretty little pony was embellished for the occasion.
They had the largest rocking horses I have ever seen!  The children (and a few adults) enjoyed riding them.
I had a wonderful and relaxing day stepping back in time!
Hope you enjoyed the photo's and one day attend one of the fairs!

Sunday, June 18, 2017


This was a wonderful weekend for me!  I visited the Oregon Gardens in Silverton on Saturday and the Renaissance Faire in Canby today.  Today's post will show the Oregon Gardens. It was a nice day to go view the gardens and I fully enjoyed it.
In the water gardens area I was giggling at a bird that walked across the lily pads as if this were the norm.  
Then I spotted a snake swimming in the water and I think he was hunting.
This frog was eating a fish or tadpole. I saw him catch it!
The different water features are so nice and listening to them so relaxing.
A few birds enjoyed bathing in the features.
There were colorful dragonflies darting all around.
Lots of little natural panoramas and a sea serpent floating by!
Beautiful nature everywhere...
I love the little hobbit house in the children's garden with front and rear door!
A variety of gazebos and seating areas are scattered throughout so you can enjoy the beauty.
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful gardens...
I certainly enjoyed God's beauty planted and cared for in this garden!
A lovely, peaceful place to remind you to slow down and enjoy the little things.