Saturday, March 21, 2020


Randy and I went on a drive to get out of the house. First we went to Milo McIver State Park and strolled.  Then we drove on a road just going nowhere but enjoying nature. It was wonderful!
Never encountered anyone.
Here is Randy with Charlotte.
 Great view of Mt. Hood from a viewpoint at Milo McIver.
 Views of the river from McIver viewpoint.
 Wildflowers were blossoming in the grass.
Then we continued our drive.
Here are views as we drove down the road.  Turns out the road leads to Detroit Lake! 
We saw an eagle flying overhead!

We saw an unusual sight in the sky as we drove along. I just had to take a photo. 
I thought it looked like a strange eye!
 It was wonderful to escape and just breathe fresh air and see nature at its best!
I am so uplifted when I get to escape.

Thursday, March 12, 2020


On March 7th Randy and I attended another painting event. We always have fun doing this and it encourages our creativity as well! Randy did very good with his painting!
 Our finished products!
Randy's is on the left and mine on right.
See how great he did!

 I wore my baggy old clothe as did not want paint on my good stuff.
My protest shirt which says, "I'm with her" and has pic of mother earth.

Then the evening of March 11th my friend, Rita, and I attended a paint nite event!
It was her first time.
Here is Rita working on her painting.
 She is doing quite well for a newbie!
 Here she is beside her finished painting. 
I think she did great!!
 I always end up with paint on me!
Here I am with my painting and it is below.
This one is Rita's. Great for first time!!
 I think Rita's was wonderful!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Randy and I had gone to a car show in August 2019 and I had forgotten all about the photographs I had taken!  As I have been editing them, I decided to share some of my artistic shots with all of you.
This first one is one of my favorites with the reflection of the grill onto the light.