Wednesday, November 13, 2019


My garden is put to rest for the rest of the year, but here are photos I took in its fall fashion colors!
Those were my fall colors.
Hope yours were as lovely.

Monday, November 4, 2019


Where we stayed in New York was a hotel just a block from Times Square.
Times Square is busy, loud, and crazy!
There are big screens everywhere and they continually flash different scenes.
 The movie MALEFICENT was continually advertised.

 One side with multiple screens.
 Lion King musical play advertisement.
 Bubba Gump from Forrest Gump movie...
Scenes just kept flashing all around on the screens.
This one had fish swimming around a woman who was swimming. The scene constantly moved!
On our walk we discovered some interesting art.
Randy playing with the birds.
Here he conversed with a froggy fellow. On the bench are a few politicians!
I also had a ribbeting conversation!
 Took a look at some expensive jewelry in a window!
And that bring us to THE END of my NY trip!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


We took a walk to go to see the Intrepid ship. So large I could not get it all in one shot no matter how far I backed up!
 Sarah posed with her dad, Randy.
From our room I took pics of the architectural pieces I could see.

We visited part of Central Park and saw Belvedere Castle.
 Info on the building
Throughout Central Park I noticed lovely architectural pieces!
 There is a bridge that created such a lovely viewpoint.
And in the evening a lovely sky!
Rock like this is throughout the park and people enjoy it.
 Statuary is scattered throughout the 3 sections of this huge park. I would have loved to see it all!
Also planters worthy of a castle!
Of course, they have the carriage rides you can take. Strict regulations on the care of horses and use in park.
 A lovely fountain was an enormous centerpiece in one area!
 In one area of a lake you can paddle around in a boat.
 This statue is called The Falconer. Here is Eric, Sarah's hubby, with the pooches!
 A memorial built to honor John Lennon in Central Park and you can see his apartment from here.
It is close to where he was shot and killed.
Randy and I in the park overlooking fountain. 
This is me.
Sarah and Eric. Aevyn is in the blue carrier Sarah is wearing.
 Such a lovely couple.
Here is Randy and I in front of the Museum of Natural History.
I adored Central Park and could have spent at least 2 days exploring!
New Yorkers have a treasure here.
The best part of the whole trip was meeting Randy's family.