Friday, February 2, 2018


On Friday, January 26th, I took a friend to the auto show at the Portland Convention Center for a surprise for his birthday, though not really a surprise since he had to drive!  Now it seems the parking lot there was filled and we were told to "drive around for about 45 minutes" by the parking attendant!
OH NO!  Luckily we spotted a sign saying there was public parking at one little garage across the street and were very lucky that someone pulled out right when we were going to leave because it was full!  Inside were all of the cars men dream about, and maybe some women!
Randy found his dream car, the 2018 Corvette Grand Sport.  
Of course you can have it for your birthday...NOT!
This Land Rover Discovery isn't too bad!
The Discovery is my color!!
What happens when I push this button? I would have to take a class on all of the buttons and switches  before I could drive one!
It even tells you how to get back to earth!!!  The Hyundai Genesis G90 was the one I liked!
This one is for fun! 
Nah, red attracts police.
NICE!!!!!  Oldie but a goodie!
I think Randy would take this one, too!
What? My present isn't a new car????
We had a great time and saw sooooo many cars, even a few motorcycles.
Spent about 6 hours and never saw it all!
We were even very impressed by the Hybrids!
They had buys there to polish off the finger prints each person left behind. What a job!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


In previous post you read about the ice storm on Christmas eve which trapped me at a dear friends home overnight.  Not expected!  On Christmas day when the roads were finally safe in the afternoon, I quickly took photos of the remaining ice on plants before heading home to my starving kitties and prepare for meeting a friend.  Here are some of my photographs!
Leaf encased in ice
Where plants had been trimmed, crystal balls of ice had formed.
Look close and you can see the ice on the trees even in the hazy light of the day.
Ice looks lovely on  plants and scenery but NOT on roads!

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Christmas eve was very different this year!  Since my husband passed November 2012, I have celebrated holidays with my adopted family.  Christmas eve is always wonderful with lots of love, laughter and fun.  We all gather at Christina and Weston's home in the afternoon around 2 pm and have yummy snacks while visiting and waiting for the prime rib dinner!  This year there was an unexpected ice storm which trapped us all at the home overnight!  An unexpected slumber party!
Luckily they have lots of air mattresses and with a bit of juggling around, everyone had a place to sleep. The next morning we all gathered for breakfast and exchanging of gifts.  By the early afternoon we were all able to head home as ice had melted. My cats were so very happy to see me as they had not eaten since Christmas eve morning, so they missed 2 meals.  Sharing photos of it all here.
Bella and Brogan were the only children and were so anxious for gifts to be opened!
Brogan read THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to us all.
Brogan, sister Bella, Mom (Christina) and Maddie the dog
group shot minus 5 people.  These family members were all together at Thanksgiving and wanted a shot as forgot to do it that day!
Christina and her dad, Roger.
Dwayne and Rita
Rita and Sue. Sue is my best friend since high school and Christina's mom. Notice the black eye...she has learned to NOT wrestle with the kids anymore!
Weston, Christina's hubby, and Weston's bro, Dennis
Sue, her son Jeremy, and Michelle, wife to Dennis
I think Bella likes her gift!
Rita                              Dennis being shy
Weston and Dennis
Sue, Jeremy and not want to overload with photos so here is...
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 18, 2017


On Saturday, December 16th, I had a Christmas party for the women in my writing group, Chrysalis: Emerging Women Writers.  As usual I made way too much food, worried and cleaned and prepped.
I managed to take a few photographs, though not nearly enough!
Keeping near the food!
Something disagree with Pat and Linda?
Serious discussions!
Lisa, my amazing friend and landscaper!
Starting Charades game!
Charades with Barb
Barb takes her turn.                   Helen doing charades  
Carina and Lisa trying to guess the charade!
Carina doing charade!
Lisa performs a charade!!!
Sharon stunned by Barb's performance! Oscar worthy!
A wonderful performance by Carina!
Yum Yum!!!
It was fun! Have to have more parties!!