Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I put up a tree and decorated a little bit.  The tree is not real but works for an old lady like me. It was nostalgic as I open up ornaments and recalled the event around each one.  Some have a special memory attached to it. Here is my tree.
I show you a few ornaments that I treasure.
Bride and groom snow people were a 20 Christmases together gift.
We always enjoyed whimsical onaments
The Joan Walsh Anglund boy and girl below inspired the murals I painted for my sons room.
Ho Ho Ho Oreo cookie!
Adorable ornaments, some by hallmark, some by Enesco.
This is the needlepoint treetop angel I made years ago.
 I also did a little decorating in a few spots around the house.
Nativity scenes.
This mini tree was crocheted for me by my dear friend, Sue. I decorate it with miniature ornaments.The one under the dome was made by me with wire and beads.
I like to put my Santa collection on top of my barrister bookcases.
 Here are a few from the collection.
Water globe decorations.
My miniature Hallmark village of 24 homes, one a year for 24 years! The ferris wheel is a music box.
My porcelain doll carolers. 
My mini Christmas plates by Hallmark.
So now you have seen my decorations!  Not grand, just filled with memories of 36 years of marriage.
Merry Christmas to you all and a joyous new year.


  1. Looks like a full and happy pile of memories. How lovely!

  2. What a beautiful tree! And so many wonderful photos of memorable ornaments and Christmas scenes. I'm totally blown away by your artistic talents, Rose! Thank you for sharing those lovely memories and sights. Merry Christmas! Alice

  3. Wow! My wife has a collection of Santa's as well. She stopped displaying hers a couple of Christmases ago after the cat knocked one over. That Christmas tree under the dome is a work or art.

    Merry Christmas from Beach Bum!

  4. Rose, I think it is very grand indeed! I love the wire tree under the cloche that you made! what a work of art. Your Santa collection is fabulous too. I left a tote full of Santas at my previous home by mistake. Our youngest son bought that home. My son found it a couple years ago and asked if they could put them out. I didn't have the heart to tell them no. I enjoy them when I go to their home. I really enjoyed seeing all of your precious collections!