Saturday, February 8, 2014


I have been pent up in my home since Thursday and it seems like a week.  I am not used to this.  I do have some chores to do but keep setting them aside. I will not drive in this kind of weather, thus saving lives.  I cannot walk very far as the bitter cold makes my lungs hurt, or I would be on a hike with my camera. All photography is restricted to the nearness of my home.
My cat, Kala, has enjoyed laying on a bench by the window wrapped in a blanket, alternately sleeping and watching the snow.
I gaze out from windows and doors to the scenes outside.
My neighbors have icicles but I do not.
  How is everyone else out there faring?
Got snow?


  1. Haha, no snow at my place Rose, but the rain is keeping me in - the roads are slippery and it's bucketing down. Our monsoon season has arrived (we hope)
    Gosh you've been holed a while - cabin fever me-thinks!
    You're presenting us with some really lovely images considering you are on a proverbial leash!

  2. You are finding beauty to photograph while staying safe and warm. Follow your cat's example; they are so smart. They nap and keep warm.

  3. Do we have snow? YES! And it's coming down now as I'm typing to you....I love the prettiness of snow, not ice or the COLD temps. I can take it with no complaining but this has been a tough winter. But God knows what he is doing! Your cat is sooo cute cuddled up in his blankie and the pic with the tree face looks great in Winter....kinda reminds me of ole' man winter!! Have a wonderful and Blessed week, Rose! Roxie

  4. Kala has the right idea. Bundle up and sleep. Heck, I bet Kala hasn't even gotten dressed yet. Hooray for electricity and the internet. Imagine how shack-nasty you would be cooped up in a cabin in the woods.

  5. I hate driving in the snow, too! We've gotten a ton the last day or so...makes me want to hibernate. Kala is so pretty! :)

  6. hope the weather has improved there Rose. cute photo of your kitty standing up!!!

    we are having another sunny day, here in BC, joy!!!

    hugs to you, G