Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Last month I visited Oregon Zoo with the "grandkiddies," their mom Christina, and my dear friend, Sue.
It is so much to see places through children's eyes.  And I got some good shots of the animals there!
Brogan and Bella both compared their hands to one of a gorilla.  Brogan said it was really big.
This guy had the kids giggling. Brogan said he looked like he was wearing a mask.
We saw some interesting cats. Now don't ask me what kind they are!
Brogan took a pose by a statue in the zoo. He is a big ham!
 Brogan and Bella pose in a little cave.
Bella is always on the go and Brogan always posing for the camera.
 I think this colorful guy was flirting with me!  
These two were singing away and then...
one moved in for a kiss.  
Brogan and Bella compared themselves to a sun bear, the smallest on the wall.
The bear seems to be so tired and barely stayed awake long.
But the polar bear was very active, which thrilled the children.
 But he, too, was napping the second time we saw him.
We saw lots of animals and heard many ooh's and aah's!
A strange looking guy who seems to have a mustache!
This was a strange bird! I think he was some sort of vulture.
Bella trying to be tall as the animal munching on a tree.
We enjoyed watching the baby elephant and family playing with a toy together.
 Got a good shot of a sparrow visiting the zoo!
The bats were entertaining and fun to photograph.
Bella and Brogan on a lion. Brogan pretended to be holding reins like on a horse!
We all had a great time at the zoo!!


  1. This is just what I needed. A trip to the zoo! I remember taking my kids to the zoo when they were little; riding the train and, on the earliest occasion, seeing Packy in his first public appearance. 1962. Thanks for the photos, Rose. Brogan and Bella are adorable guides! :-)

  2. The kiddies are awfully cute and more photogenic than the animals if you ask me. Lions always give the camera a dirty look - they can't help it, it's in their genes.

  3. Rose your fabulous 'eye' and talents with the lens so obviously spill over to people and animals.
    These were a pleasure to peruse and pause over Rose.

  4. Hi Rose,
    Thank you for leaving me such a nice comment the other day. I backlinked to find you. I have been away from blogging for a few days so I am just catching up. I am your newest follower. You take WONDERFUL pictures!!!! xo Diana

  5. You are an amazing photographer. Really enjoyed the zoo pictures, thanks for sharing!! Kellie

  6. I'm not much of a fan of zoos but this one looks like there is quite a bit of room for the animals to roam etc...your photos are great!

  7. OK, Rose, you must have an "in" at the zoo. Otherwise, how did you get such fantastic pictures without being in the cages with the animals and birds? Lynette

  8. I can't really describe how envious I am of the lions right now. Just laying around in the sun has that special appeal. I'd trade placed with the bear as well.

  9. The kids look like they had a absolute wonderful time. And while I loved the cats, I'm not a fan of monkeys...any kind, lol.


  10. Great photos! What fun the children had, and your wildlife photos at the zoo are amazing! xoxo

  11. those are fantastic photos. The zoo pictures make me want to go to the zoo. Beautiful! Dana

  12. You look like you all had a wonderful outing. That's a great shot of the monkey's 'mask'.

  13. What a fun day at the zoo! Your grandkids are so cute. Love all of the creatures, the vulture, not so much!!

  14. Such fantastic photos! Your grandkids are adorable! And love all the fun animals :)

  15. great images. Going to the zoo with young children certainly adds an extra dimension to the visit.
    Have a wonderful week and thank you for stopping by my blog.