Saturday, July 19, 2014


The other day I managed to get some photographs of a hummingbird which loves the tall red flowers in front of my house.  I had my 200 mm lens on and it really came in handy. Hummingbirds move much faster than I do so many photos were blurry or the bird had already left the area I was focused on.  But I did manage to get some, thankfully to the fact that I had it set to take multiple shots, one right after the other. I do not know what kind of hummingbird it is. (Beth says she is an Anna's Hummingbird)  Here are my successes!
I took about 60 shots and these were my successes!
I decided to take some artistic license with a few, and here are my results.
The one above is done in an effect called paint daubs.
The one above is an effect called dry brush.
This one is an effect called watercolor.
I so enjoyed playing with the photos and the effects.
So, what do you think?


  1. She is a female Anna's Hummingbird. They hang out all year round. We feed a bunch of them.

  2. Very nice Rose, some of the best I have seen.
    Kyle & Roxie

  3. Beautiful! You take such wonderful photos!

  4. Oh Rose! you'd have to be pleased with these, that camera is fabulous (and yes the operator has to know what they're doing!)
    This series of images really brings home to me that upgrading my little point and shoot should be higher on my list of "wants".
    (I only like the watercolour one where the effects are concerned :(
    I really think these photos are something very special indeed.

  5. Rose,
    I saw your hummingbird picture on my blog, and had to come over and take a look. Oh my gosh, these are beautiful. Do you know that the hummingbird is my beloved bird for so many reasons? It is an amazing bird that always has its wings in motion while in the air. You made my heart sing with this little guy - thank you so much, Rose.


  6. What wonderful photographs of that beautiful little bird! You have the soul of an artist and the eye of a naturalist. :-) Alice

  7. I think your photos are breathtakingly beautiful!!! You're a real pro, Rose.
    Mary Alice

  8. You should submit your pictures to Birds & Blooms. They always have hummingbirds, but they have an annual hummingbird only volume, since they are so well loved. Lynette

  9. We usually have hummingbirds at our house this time of year. Haven't seen any though, not sure what is happening with them. Great pictures!

  10. Those are excellent. How talented you are. First of all, I have always loved your flower photos but these are exquisite!
    Pat yourself on the back! Dana

  11. Magnificent! Having just harvested our lavender (purple, white, and a new grey volunteer), I said hello to this year's generation of bees--no bumbles this year, just brown ones. I repeat all the above accolades, plus: What a wonderful experience to be able to photograph so clearly, the magnificent "birdies"--as my Hungarian grandmother called them in her book of stories for the grandchildren. You are truly talented! M

  12. She is a darling, they are so cute, and can you imagine the effort they put into flying? Gorgeous shots.


  13. beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sending them. Doreen