Friday, July 18, 2014


I have had embarrassing moments in my life which now make me smile but at the time made me want to crawl away to hide (like my first date told about in a past blog post).  I was recently reminded about one such moment.
On one vacation to Colorado years ago we were at a ghost town out in the middle of nowhere where you had to hike about a half mile down to it from a parking area above. After a couple hours of exploring and listening to stories told by workers there about the life back when it was a live mining town, I really “had to go” and after inquiring, was told that the outhouse bathrooms were the 1/2 mile hike up in the parking lot!  An old mining town with no old outhouses!!  I knew there was no way I could make it up that trail in time, so
I decided to go into the bushes. I gave my husband my purse after taking out a baggie that had held M&Ms which had since been devoured, and some Kleenex.
My son and hubby decided to distance themselves from me and started the slow hike up to the vehicle. After furtively ambling into the bushes and finding a spot where no one would see me, I dropped my drawers and squatted. Suddenly I hear, “Oh my goodness!” coming from above me. I had forgotten about the hike trail! Gazing up I could see my hubby and son, and coming down from the opposite direction was a huge family.
I was stuck as was in the middle of “action” so could not pull my pants up, so I just tried to hide my face and finish as quickly as possible. Needless to say, when I had finished, I did my best to hide, sneaking though the growth and town, to get up the hill without that family seeing me face-to-face ('course they probably would not have recognized me!).
I found my son and husband hiding in the van, motor running, and when I climbed inside, my husband began driving and said, “First time I think I have seen a full moon during the day.” Throughout the rest of the trip, they called me by my new “Indian” name–Full Moon Rising.
So, what embarrassing moments have you had????


  1. You are so brave in sharing this embarrassing moment! But when Nature calls, one must answer. !!

  2. Ok Rose, one good "tale" deserves another. This was a long time ago elementary school long ago. I don't remember why I was sent to the principals office, but I clearly remember standing at the counter realizing I had to pee so badly and had no choice but to let go. I looked up and with a quivering voice announced ..."I just wet pants."

  3. Oh Rose, you made me laugh!

  4. I'll have to think of one that I can print. Yes, I've had to find many a bush while traveling! Lynette

  5. We've all had those moments. Good laugh, now.

  6. This post made me laugh. I almost had a similar situation,but was alerted to the other persons presence just before the pants came down.

  7. Haha, that's a good Indian name they gave you. I'm sure the parents in the huge family were almost as embarrassed as you were - the children probably sniggered, though!

  8. Oh Rose, that takes the cake!! -chuckle- "full moon rising" love it!!
    Hope all is progressing well for you Rose, your new journey is often on my mind dear girl.