Monday, August 4, 2014


Since I took quite a few photographs at the ArtBurst event I am going to divide this up into two posts.  Fifteen years ago, three local artists started the first Village of Willamette Arts Festival to create a venue for local fine artists.This year it was renamed ArtBurst.  There were a lot of booths and because I was taking pictures and chatting (too much) with each artist I met. I never got around to them all!  I loved seeing so much creativity in one place! Very inspiring!
I really loved these garden walls created by Art by James.  In the winter you would always have color in your garden and the sun shining through them is amazing!
 He does his own glass creations and then builds the framework for them!  They are very sturdy and would not be blown over easily.  Some have hammered copper on them. 
This painting is done by George Perrou of Atomic Nest.  So bright and colorful. I got a Native feeling from them.
Barbara Shively was the painter of these next pictures.  All of natural settings.
 These are unique creations by Burbeck's Jewelry.  I can picture my friend, Roxie, wearing the lips!!
My friend, Liz H., would love the cardinal pin! And many of my friends would love the cat jewelry!
The following is pottery by Craig Fent. I love the large crackled vase!
Then I discovered Dragons & Unicorns by Gordon & Peggy Hayes.  So cool! And they are all pose-able!
I love the expression on this dragons face!  Such character comes through.
Here is the booth for Exotic Wood Turnings by Shawn.  I always love the beauty of wood and he had some very unusual exotic ones.
Fulton Garden Art was so pretty and colorful and would be so great to have!  I loved the designs!
This following art is Fusion by Karla Piatt. She does acrylic paintings and then fuses glass onto them.
I have ever seen anything like this before.  Quite unique!The blue glass on yellow makes me see a horse. To me the blue and black on purple background is a whale. The red one makes me think of a crab.
I see a dragon in the one above.
The following booth just said Garden art.  It was so whimsical. See the girl holding the colorful balloons?
And the dog driving the car?
I loved the shadows cast by some of the art work!
I got one shot of the Gathering Glass studio display of the pretty pink art glass. Love it!
They have a studio in Ashland and you can take a tour, schedule a private lesson or do a walk-in workshop!
Then I met a lovely lady, June Blout, a fashion designer who loves Asian influence and working with silks.
She made some gorgeous items, and I could picture Paulann P., Roxie M., and Beth M. in many of her things!  Take a look! Contact her at
She and I chatted for a long time and she really impressed me.
I hope you enjoyed this first part!  
More to come in the next post.  Told ya I took lots of pictures!!


  1. So much artistic talent out there! What a great time to browse and shop.
    Mary Alice

  2. That looks like a fun place to visit.

  3. That looks like a fun place to visit.

  4. I'm glad you posted about this. I enjoyed wandering the stalls and more on Sunday. I needed that. As always, your pictures are a more than fabulous representation. :D

  5. The life and love invested in these works is just astounding! The dragons - what detail! what fun!

  6. I love the posable dragons (working on some of my own) and the bearded wheat weaving booth- I used to teach classes in the art of wheat weaving way back in the 80's and even made Christmas tree ornaments from wheat. Dana

  7. Hi Rose,
    As you can tell, I am playing catch up. Thought I would start with part one. So much artistic talent in one place! All is beautiful, but my favorite has to be the colored glass walls!