Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This past Saturday my best friend, Sue, Brogan (now 6! see previous post) and I went to the Renaissance Faire in Hillsboro, Oregon.  Last year I attended with my friend, Roxie, and we were rained on. 
This year--HOT!
We saw wonderful costumed characters! Here is Pan and ladies drawn in by his music!
As hot as it was, these ladies in layers must have been sweltering but they never showed it!
Everyone performed, smiled and looked great!
Her royal Highness.
 Musicians played
 Ladies in Waiting danced for us all.
I think the guy to the right is giving me the evil eye!!
 Brogan was crazy about the bubble man who made large bubbles and showed Brogan how to blow into them and create smaller bubbles inside!  
Brogan was thrilled to be able to pet some rats!
We saw a rope walker perform. 
 TA DA!!
We saw a baby dragon riding on a mans shoulder!
We saw a wonderful and outrageous comedy act of 2 washer women!  I laughed so much!!
They were bawdy washer women!
Then we saw knights and horses and jousting!!
We were rooting for the green knight!
Our green knight ended up losing the battle. *sigh*
We had a great time at the Renaissance fair!!


  1. Fantastic photos! When they used to have one at Glen Helen it was so hot that I used to take a spray bottle of water to spritz myself throughout the day.

    1. I think I used to go there for a Renaissance fair back in the 70's through 1990! I hear there is a huge one near San Fran. Glen Helen used to put on Civil War reenactments early in the year.

  2. Oh wow this looks super fun! I would love to experience the Renaissance Faire someday.

  3. What marvelous pictures! Almost as good as being there! Your talent continues to amaze me. Alice

  4. Rose, I love the photos, but I especially love the bubbles! Amazing! xoxo

  5. I can't imagine wearing all those clothes when it is already hot outside.

  6. Wonderful costumes! The rope-walker was especially eye-catching with her fabulous dress and her splendid thighs. Is she anyone you know?

  7. We have seen the young lady playing the harp at the Renaissance fair several times up in Charlotte, North Carolina. My wife loves here music and had bought several of her CD's.

  8. The costumes are fabulous Rose! and a credit to the creators. What a fun day - the heat didn't 'appear' to be bothering anyone. :)