Tuesday, February 28, 2017


I follow a number of blogs and one is by adirondackgirlatheart.com
She posted on the quote here and it struck me because of the part which says,
"...because He trusts in you."

beautiful flower with bible verse: Isaiah 26:3

"...because He trusts in you." To me that part means that because He gave us free will, he is trusting in us to do the right things; to care for this world, treasure it and be thankful for it; to treat each other with kindness and love and be non-judgmental; to remember Him in prayer each day; to stand up for those in need and being suppressed; to make our voices heard when there is injustice being done. Now in our times I believe God wants to see how we use that free will he gave us to do the right things. Jesus would be speaking up. Jesus would be urging people to stand against those doing evil, those hurting others. Jesus would tell us not to turn our backs on the oppressed.

I do not feel that many things happening in our country now are what He would support or approve of.  He will not correct everything as He gave us free will, so the work is up to us. We are the ones who have to give voice, to be of support, to protect, to stand up to those causing and doing hurt or harm to others.  Now we are all given a chance to be Christ-like, and do what He hopes for and expects from us. I do not think He wants his gift of this wonderful world to us be further damaged and left unprotected.  I do not think He wants us to put on blinders and turn our backs on those in need.  I do not think He wants us to ignore the cries of people oppressed. I do not think He wants us to idly watch churches threatened, tombstones overturned, graffiti sprayed, people beaten and torn from their families, hear evil words spewed.  I believe Jesus would be right there in the front lines saying NO!

My heart fills with joy when I hear of what the good people do in the instances of bad and evil; those who peacefully march in support of the oppressed, those who collect funds to repair damages to graveyards, those who support people trying to save their lands, those who work to protect this beautiful world, and those who stand up to bullies.

I weep for what is festering in our country. I weep to know of the growing hate.  I weep for our planet, plants, animals, insects, air and water. I weep for those in suffering.
That old saying WWJD (What would Jesus do) strikes me.

I think He would be steadfast and work to correct things, not be silent or ignorant.


  1. I found your blog sometime ago when I need help. Well you helped me by your poems and the lovely photos. As I looked at them I saw the beauty then as I studied them more I saw that God had blessed you with an eye for his beauty. I went back to the beginning of your blog and saw the sorrows in your life then the strength as you faced your challenges. It helped me to know that I could see God guiding you to bring his love, beauty and peace to all. You helped me to find my faith again which I had lost long ago. You hadn't posted for some time and I was fearfull that you were ill. So glad you are back but pray you will remember the gift God gave you to awaken thru your camera the beauty of his world. It is your gift and no one does it as well as you. From the ladybug to the bumblebee; from the humming bird to the soaring eagles in the sky. From your garden in bloom and the frozen webs in your early days to the snowy art you and your camera do more for this world than anyone I know. Please get well and take your camera and let God guide you in Love, Peace, Let others do their thing while you bring beauty to the eye and heart for all to see and enjoy while they pray. You have help me more than you will ever know. Though we will never meet my prayers are always with you. GOD BLESS!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so openly. We as Christians do have a huge responsibility to those around us. How else shall they hear if we don't do our part?

  3. Amen, sister!

  4. Thank you, dear Rose, for posting this. Paulann P.

  5. I absolutely agree. It infuriates me to see so many people who claim to be Christians defending what 45 is doing and saying he's a godly man. Those people have no right to call themselves followers of Jesus. They obviously haven't read the gospels, or if they have, they didn't have their brains engaged.

  6. We badly need more positive news and also less fake news! It's bad for the psyche.

  7. Beautifully said Rose! If everyone would ask themselves, "what would Jesus do?" this world would be a wonderful place indeed! I love it when someone stand tall and does what is right, even in difficult times.

  8. I think it is absolutely incumbent upon us to speak out...

  9. I speak out daily in light of what is happening since "he who should not be named" became president...

  10. Hi Rose, thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts in this post. I do believe as Christians we should strive to care enough to do the right thing. God has to be our direction, because without him, the world will not improve.
    Wishing you a wonderful new week. Blessings to you, xo

  11. Beautiful post.
    As Christians we must follow after Christ and His righteousness and do what we know to be correct and right.
    Regardless of what others may be doing, we must do right.

    Have a beautiful week~~

  12. A wonderful post, Rose. I think many people feel the same way. My heart has been aching since the election. This administration is the opposite of everything I stand for. I have faith that all will be well. Sometimes we are given a mirror to look at the dark side to decide where we stand. I think this is one of those times. I am heartened to see how many brave and honorable people have spoken out against the inhumanity and disgrace of these policies. I always believe that truth and justice win in the end. Our country has always been full of great men and women, willing to risk all to speak against tyranny. Sometimes it just takes time. We must forgive those who mistakenly thought this was right. That is the hard part. Sending blessings to you. xo