Thursday, February 23, 2017


I am sharing a poem I wrote. I know I have fallen down on updating my blog. So sorry. So this poem will do for now until I can get the inspiration to share once again. I hope you all enjoy it.


Rivulets of rain carve wrinkles
in the earth; feathered clouds
depleted of energy 
glide listlessly overhead.

Worms, expelled from sodden soil,
form mysterious script on the path,
native code talkers writing
alien communication.

Liquid diamonds quiver on a strand
 of spider silk, a bracelet adorning
the uplifted arm of a redbud tree
swaying to a rumba beat.

Rain-pasted leaves craft
a collage of natural hues
alongside the river running russet
with torn flesh from mountains.

Along the worn path miniature craters
comprise a moonscape
as wind wafts diminutive swells
across scattered puddles.

The fragrance of moist grass
is a heady aroma,
an aide memoire of
renewal and growth.

Returning home as rain begins again
I gaze through the wet window,
witness the writing of water
across it, and covet its clarity.

Rose Lefebvre 


  1. You are a very creative person.Have a great weekend.

  2. What a wonderfully evocative poem!

  3. This is very beautiful, Rose. I like the imagery. xoxo Su

  4. A wonderful poem, Rose. I felt the dampness and the beauty all around. xo Karen

  5. As the shortest month of the year ends I want to thank you for your poems and photos. You are so caring and such a caring daughter please keep up the good work. Love Mom