Thursday, September 26, 2013


This past weekend on Sunday my dear friend, Roxie (also a good writer!), and I ventured out to the Renaissance fair despite bad weather. I was so optimistic, maybe too optimistic, that the clouds would break and the rain would cease. Not gonna happen!  Despite the rain, I had fun and enjoyed myself.  And doing a lot of duck and cover, I was able to get photographs!  I will share some of them here with you all!!
Minstrels entertained us with songs, which I had not heard before (duh! I was not around in renaissance era) but thoroughly enjoyed.
I just loved the little cart this magician had.  And this gentleman in the brown outfit caught the eye of my friend, Roxie.  I must admit I was intrigued as well!
 This was the faerie queen and her princess.
We also saw a magician who freaked us out a bit with his trick...
 He hmmered a nail into his nostril!  I keep wondering if it was a trick or if he really did it.
All around I admired the lovely tent structures and we were told they had been used in the movie 
THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA.  How cool is that!
We watched the one and only Danny Lord do comedy, like a mix between a mime and Harpo Marx.
He had some silent exchanges with Roxie, who enjoyed heckling him.
A last glimpse of the Faerie Queen in yellow and the lovely princess in blue.
 As the Faerie Princess took a stroll to spread cheer and magic, we strolled out of there and headed back to the real world.
It was fun and I hope to return next year under sunny skies!!!


  1. What a great slide show!. :-) When I saw a news clip of the Renaissance Fair the other day, I remarked to my husband that I'd love to go some time. And now it's almost as good as having gone...thanks, Rose

    1. Maybe next year several of us should go together! The more the merrier!

  2. My family and I usually go to the renaissance fair up in Charlotte, North Carolina around this time but all our schedules are wacky and it looks like will have to skip it this year. Its too bad, we always have fun and I like to watch the people wearing period costumes go by.

    1. I used to attend the fairs in S. California and they were wonderful. I would wear costumes and try to fit in. I always try to enjoy myself where ever I go!

  3. Rose, what a fun time. I love the costumes and yes, that cart is simply darling! Love the mushroom on top!! The fairies are super cute as well. Glad you and Roxie got to have such a fun day together. The nail trick is a bit gross. I wouldn't mind looking at that lad in the brown outfit either. lol!