Friday, January 2, 2015


Today I decided to go shopping!  I am slowly planning for my decorating.  I am down to 2 colors of samples painted on my wall for the dining room, kitchen, entry hallway and, most likely, the living room. One is a green turquoise color while the other is a blue green turquoise color. I am leaning to the blue green one.  The dining room will have white wainscoting. I am so excited!
 Here are my "picks" for decorating!
In one corner area by a window I have placed 2 chairs and needed a table between them that is not too big.  This oak table that needs a bit of refinishing was a perfect fit.  Most table like this that I find are &80 and up and usually rather rickety.   I was not sure I could fix a rickety one.  Then I saw this at my favorite antique store in Aurora and it was $50.  
I think it looks nice with the chairs!
Then I found this antiqued shelf made from shutters for $15.  I love the "recycle, refurbish" idea!
 I found another shelf with knobs for hanging things that is distressed.  I am considering chalk painting and adding s slight stain to antique it like the other shelf.
I saw this watercolor (colors are brighter than in photo) and fell in love with it for $12.It is 16x20. 
I am thinking of painting the frame a turquoise color. Or maybe paint it white. 
It is black and seems odd.
Two pieces to go onto shelves.  The birdhouse may get repainted. Pondering that. Each was $5
These 2 small bottles were a bargain at $2 each and will fit in one of my lighted display cabinets.
Can always add another angel to the decor! The cross says Nature, look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein
It spoke to me.
They were $4 each!
  For $10 I got 12 rose embellished ornament for next years tree!
This flag made of wood will go at my front door! For $6 it was purrfect for me!!!
All my friends would agree!
I could not seem to get a great photo of this shelf.  It is going to hang up in the corner behind my little fireplace. It is about 3 ft tall and is gray with black floral designs on the 2 shelves.  I am going to live with it before considering painting it.  It does look much better than photo.  I got it for $25.  It is chalk painted with Annie Sloan paint.  
Then I got a few odds and ends.  The black metal cat hook will be near the front door and debating whether to paint or leave as is.  Ideas?
I got it for $3 and the sign for $5 because of a little nick on lower corner which I can re-paint!
I love having signs to make people smile!
These 3 signs will fit in nicely!
These 3 little signs were only $1 each and will inspire me.
I am happy with my choices, even though some may go through a transformation.  
That is part of making it speak "me."
I love hearing suggestions!


  1. what lovely finds you have there Rose, especially the bird house. The painting is very pretty I think you're right, the black frame isn't doing it justice - I bet when you have it framed up in turqouise, white or even a thick silver frame maybe, it is going to look even more beautiful.

  2. You've got a great eye for a bargain, Rose. I can't believe those rose embellished ornaments only cost 10 dollars. They look exquisite.

  3. You really found some great pieces! I love the shelf made from vintage shutters, I'll have to show that to my handy hubby! I think your large watercolor would be gorgeous with an aqua or turquoise frame! And I also really love the vintage table, love those legs:) Happy decorating!

  4. You must have the luck of the Irish to make so many finds! (and a great eye) Wonderful! things. I have a table that is very similar to the one in your photos; the lower shelf is less scalloped and there little piece under the top has a carved design. It was my mom's and I treasure it. :-) (and those rose decorated Christmas balls...signature pieces!) Alice

  5. Love the watercolor and the... I came, I purred....Great finds Rose! I hope you have a wonderful, happy year. :-)

  6. Okay. You and I MUST MUST MUST go shopping together sometime. You've got the Martha Steward shopping gene. I especially like the knobby-legged table, but all of it is lovely.

  7. I have those same rose decorated Christmas balls. My husband bought them for me years ago.

  8. Rose, I'm so glad you got to go shopping and find some new treasures for your home! The table is just perfect between the chairs! That figurine of the girl looks like it was made to go with the watercolor. Love the shelf made of shutters also. I think you'll have fun tweaking a few things. Signs are always fun and I can see why you had to bring home the hand!

  9. Oh Rose! it IS exciting isn't it - all the decorating and using and planning all of your wonderful finds. And wow, you really have some lovely items there! I adore that watercolour! If we lived next door to each other, you could well find it missing from your wall ;)
    Thank you dear Rose for your sweet wishes too. :)

  10. I could use a couple of those shelves around my house. But every time I start to install one my wife says she's thinking about painting that particular room. To save my sanity, and stop any home improvement ideas from her I tend to just leave the walls bare.

  11. Hi Rose, I can see you are having lots of fun getting your decorating mojo on!! What a lovely table in the top picture to go with the chairs....I especially like the watercolor of the is beautiful! I think that was your best buy! Blessings for the New Year~~~Roxie

  12. Looks like you have a good plan going on, Rose. Your chairs and side table are so pretty. You've also found some great accessories.
    Mary Alice

  13. Such lovely furniture!

  14. Hi Rose, you sure found some great treasures. Love your table and the chairs on each side are perfect. You are going to have so much fun. Looking forward to seeing it all pulled together.
    Blessings and have a great rest of the week.

  15. Looks like you had a real successful treasure hunt. Love the table and the shutter shelf.

  16. Wow, so many great thing. First, the table is perfect between the chair. The blue bottles stole my heart. And of course, I love all the cat items ;)

  17. wow you are doing a lot of decorating - and good on you for finding these perfect bargains! have fun. The two chairs and table look a lovely place to sit and chat with a cuppa.
    Have a lovely weekend. and thankyou for stopping by my blog this week.

  18. Hi Rose,
    I love all of your finds, especially the table and shutter shelf. It is so therapeutic to look for treasures. Take care, Karen