Saturday, April 8, 2017


I have been a bit laid up from an injury to my right hip, so I spent today editing photos taken a few days back.  I am not supposed to go walking, take medications given me, and just let the joint relax. Lots better than the doctors first suspicion of appendicitis!  A CT scan ruled out the appendicitis and any infection, an x-ray ruled out damage to a bone, so it is muscle running through hip.  Just means I have had to stay down, no going for walks, no outings, and no marches...darn! I watch things going on from windows and relax.  It is wonderful to see the garden springing with more life and color!
Lots of pictures!
The yard is gaining color each day!
Notice the 2 ants enjoying the pink flowers.
The left photo is of my Lion's Man Japanese maple and not sure of the type of Japanese maple on the right but love its colors!
Tulips and daffodils!

I love seeing the fronds of the ferns slowly unrolling.
It makes me smile to see its beauty, and I think my friend and landscaper, Lisa N!!
I need to also send a "thank you" to my blogger friend, Diana, of the blog Nana Diana Takes a Break
When I was down she had sent me a package containing these items-
Such a sweet gesture that lifted my spirits!  Chocolate covered cherries are my favorite!!
Thank you Diana K!!!!


  1. Aww...Rose! What a surprise to see that posted here. You are most welcome...I remembered that you said your late husband always bought you a box of chocolate covered cherries for Valentine's Day~

    I am so sorry to hear about the pain you have been having. Usually people think that you should EXERCISE the pain away but I know that there are many times that you should NOT exercise for fear of doing more damage or aggravating muscles. It is hard sometimes to get everything in a restive state. Don't be discouraged if the meds don't work immediately. Sometimes it takes a while for them to kick in.

    Your flowers are GORGEOUS! We don't have a single thing blooming here yet. I can't wait for that to happen. Hope you have a great night and a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  2. You do have a lot of beauty and color on your yard. I hope that hip settles down quickly.

  3. What beautiful flowers, Rose. Thanks for posting. But among these flowery expressions of appreciation, I am sending you get well wishes. It doesn't seem fair that you're having such painful symptoms when you've already been through so much. Hope following your doctor's advice will soon result in a return to good health. Alice

  4. Your garden is so beautiful. I would plant many of them in my own garden. I also saw in your note about your leg/hip pain. Has the doctor done an X-ray of your lower back? I learned some time ago that all of my hip and leg pain was actually coming from my lower back. Just asking because I was focused on the hip and finally the doctor discovered exactly what was going on. It's called referred pain.
    Keep healing. 💕 MaryLou

  5. Isn't it wonderful that you created your wonderland before you were laid up for so long? What if you didn't have all that beauty to enjoy each day? I do hope and pray that you will be up and around before too long, though. Lynnette

  6. The Bleeding Heart is so delicate I have always wanted to grow them bur never any success. There was a place in MO where they grew wild and I used to Pick them and Sweet Williams for my mother. Love your garden and thanks to your friends who love you. Tell Lisa I love your garden. She is a Flower in God's garden. Love your mother Rose in CA

  7. Rose, your photos are always such a delight to see! I love watching my garden come to life as well. You are a bit ahead of me. My bleeding hearts are just up, but not blooming yet. Lots of my trailing plants on the rock wall are started to bloom beautifully. Hoping to share a post soon. Lots of trees and bushes are in bud. Oh how it delights my soul! I am so sorry that you have an injury and must enjoy it from indoors. Keep your chin up dear friend. Diana is a sweetheart! Keeping you in my prayers.

  8. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous flowers photos!
    Sounds as if you are still not pain free - hope you will soon be back to feeling really good. Marie France

  9. My your garden is certainly in gorgeous bloom and so many different plants to enjoy. It would appear that you have a nice green thumb. :-)
    Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.
    How sweet of Diana to think of you as you are laid up. I bet those chocolate covered cherries were delicious. I had an Aunt who loved those.

    Have a blessed day~~

  10. The photos of your garden are so colourful. So sorry to hear about your injury, which sounds painful.sending my best wishes. Karen x

  11. Hi Rose, you truly have a garden that is magnificent and how wonderful it can give you comfort now while you are resting your hip. I pray you feel better soon and can get out in your garden and enjoy your blooms up close. Love the sweet and thoughtful package from Diana. She is certainly a gem and a dear friend.
    Well wishes sent your way. xo

  12. A garden planted with love and kindness. How wonderful for you.

  13. Rose, Your garden is planted with love and kindness. Your photos are beautiful.

  14. What lovely blooms and foliage you have there in your gardens.

    May your hip soon be much better. Just take it easy and let it rest and heal ~ FlowerLady

  15. Your garden is lovely, Rose! And that was so sweet of Diana. She's a doll :)


  16. Beautiful. I'm jealous. Wish I could talk Lisa into helping with my garden. Jackie C.

  17. Such lovely color to add brightness to a day of gray. DD

  18. Your garden is wonderful, Rose! So glad that you have all that beauty to gaze upon while you are on the mend. Diana is so very thoughtful - we all love her. Sending hugs xo Karen

  19. Your garden looks wonderful! I hope your hip feels better!

  20. Love all the gorgeous colors in your yard. I hope you feel better soon.