Saturday, April 22, 2017


Today, Earth day, I think about our worlds beauty and how much we should cherish it.  Many take it for granted that the earth and its gifts will always be there, but we are its caretakers and we make that happen or not.  We have to be more diligent now.  Today here in Oregon we have had Mother Nature displaying power a bit, as we have had rain, sunshine and wind all at once!  Here is a poem I wrote after one such day.

Rivulets of rain carve wrinkles
in the earth; feathered clouds
now depleted of energy 
glide listlessly overhead.

Worms, expelled from sodden soil,
form mysterious script upon the path,
native code talkers writing
alien communication.

Liquid diamonds quiver on a strand
 of spider silk, a bracelet adorning
the uplifted arm of a redbud tree
swaying to a rumba beat.

Rain-pasted leaves craft
a collage of natural hues
alongside the river running russet
with torn flesh from mountains.

Along the worn path miniature craters
comprise a moonscape
as wind wafts diminutive swells
across scattered puddles.

The fragrance of moist grass
is a heady aroma,
an aide memoire of
renewal and growth.

Returning home as rain begins again
I gaze through the cold window,
witness the writing of water
across it, and covet its clarity.

Rose Lefebvre 


  1. Rain will create the most amazing scenes.The droplets make everything look better.

  2. Beautiful, Rose! Thank you!

  3. That is beautiful, Rose. I agree that we need to take care of this world. Step by step we may still save it. For such shall I pray. Devon S.

  4. Just read your poem and I liked it. I use to live in Washington State and it rained a lot there but there was an awesome fresh smell after it rained. Steve P.

  5. Your poem presents such a visual picture of rain magic as it interacts with nature. Lovely. Alice

  6. It's a beautiful poem.

  7. Beautiful!
    I love the rain and the fragrance it leaves behind.
    We have a metal roof and there is beauty in the sound of it's gentle tapping noise especially as we lay in bed at night.

    Have a beautiful day~~

  8. Such a beautiful poem, Rose. The rain is a thing of wonder sometimes. I do love staying inside on a rainy, blustery day. xx Karen