Thursday, November 9, 2017


On Friday, November 3rd, I got to see and experience a wonderful musical group called Home Free.  I have enjoyed their acapella music for several months and it lifts my spirits, makes me laugh and smile, and makes me feel young and playful.  I was in the second row to the left, so close!  The band members are, from left to right: Adam Rupp - Vocal Percussion, Rob Lundquist - Tenor, Adam Chance - Baritone, Austin Brown - Tenor, and Tim Foust - Bass.  If you have not heard them, you must check them out and give a listen on YouTube. 
Adam Rupp
Austin Brown
Rob Lundquist
Tim Foust
Adam Chance
Put them all together and you have musical magic!
I have more photos but do not want to overload ya'all.  
I had the time of my life, sang and danced and laughed.
An experience I will treasure!
Thanks HOME FREE for a wonderful evening!


  1. How great for you Rose. Sounds like the best time for you. I love acapella groups. I will check them out on U Tube. Happy Thursday.

  2. Oh, I love acapella groups. I hadn't heard about these guys. I'll have to check them out.

  3. I have never heard of this group,but I do know how wonderful it is to at a concert you love and be right close to the front.When I go I try to be in the very front row.

  4. Coming back to say that I listened to one of their songs. They are good and have amazing harmony.

  5. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself. I love all music so guess you come by it naturally. But best singer is Harold but he doesn't do it much lately. and of course it is the old country and Western tunes. Love mom

  6. So great to find a group you enjoy and to see them live from the second row! bonus! Have a fabulous weekend ahead and thank you for stoppping by my blog this week.

  7. Hi Rose
    what a fun night! Your photos are amazing, and sounds like you had excellent seats! Sounds like a great group!

  8. Great shots. Glad you enjoyed the evening.

  9. So glad you got to go Rose! I am going to have to listen to them on U-tube.

  10. Looks like a fun group I will go and check them out in utube,glad you had a wonderful time xx