Tuesday, May 4, 2021



I AM             by Rose Lefebvre ©                                                                                                                         

I choose a path, walking

where my spirit will lead.

My human heart wakes

as I survey firs robed

in green gray moss, murmuring

pines, mossy hemlocks, and gnarled

elms with grumpy silhouettes.

Beneath bending boughs I inhale

inspiration and follow

my imagination. 

The sunset beams a smoldering

smile upon the horizon as loons circle

in the moth-spattered radiance.

Light pirouettes off the opposite shore,

a mystic dance of shadows twining

and twisting as if alive.  

Shadows of clouds on a rivulet change,

minute by minute, and I visualize

my Muse whispering

inspirational words into the wind.  

My soul is reflected in Nature, a mere splinter

of light in a river that undulates through life. 

Like a single delicate snowflake,

I am different from everyone.

Phrases uncoil like smoke

emerging from a smothered fire, 

rising leisurely from me.  I write

of pain and joy, embroider

expressions. Words rain down

on me, run through me,

and I hear lyrics within their flow. 

Verses grow within me, slowly, shyly.

Paper is crisp, smooth, a virgin

beneath my expectant hands. 

I am a weaver of words, dreams, and ideas;

they quiver as my fingers shift through them

like fine sands.   

During a light rainfall a few days ago I captured a double rainbow. Second one is so pale.
Golden flowers
Gold-crowned sparrow
I hope you enjoy the photos and the poem!


  1. Another lovely and thought-provoking poem. Thank you for sharing. Love the photos too. Sharon B

  2. Hi Rose, Loved the dogwood! I need to plant one, or more. Good bird photo, as they are hard to capture. Mary Jean

  3. Louise CarnachanMay 8, 2021 at 9:06 AM

    Beautiful! Amazing to capture a double rainbow...


  4. I have been enjoying your poetry. So thought provoking and evocative. Kathryn

  5. how lovely to capture a double rainbow Rose, it's good to see you are still creating such thought provoking poetry and enjoying the process :)