Wednesday, May 12, 2021



Bucolic Beauty

Dappled light dances upon water

and ribbons spill through the trees.

Lilacs lend sweetness to the air,

as horsetail clouds wander overhead

adding a whimsical mystery.

Mist moves across the field

like spirits floating.


The lake is brushed by the breeze as

a swan, neck echoing graceful curves

of a willow bough draping from sky to water,

is wayward nonchalance.


Her mother-of-pearl breast a courtliness

of buoyancy, is slow-motion dignity

as she takes a slow ethereal ride,

her balance poised elegance,

an illusion of peace and perfection.


Stones huddle at the edge of the water

as the reed-thin echo of bird song

plays in the air.

Treasured butterfly moments.


I swim out of myself.


Rose Lefebvre ©


  1. OMG! I am there and holding my breath! Lovely! Sharon B

  2. Lovely! Can feel myself there.

  3. Hi Rose,
    I love your recent poetic creations. The smell of fragrant lilacs is so beautiful. I'm missing time by the water exploring and looking at rocks and really hope we can travel to our favourite beaches and lakes as soon as our pandemic restrictions are lifted. Thank you for visiting me. Take care, Karen.