Sunday, May 30, 2021

LONE FIR: An Ekphrastic poem


Ekphrastic poetry is a poem written about a work of art, be it painting or photograph.
I wrote this one based on a painting I have that is pictured above.
I hope you enjoy it.

LONE FIR   by Rose Lefebvre ©


Anchored to the miniature rocky island,

a solitary fir stands, solo and solemnly sacred,

yet no sadness or desolation is sensed;

Rather reverence, supremacy and authority rule,

as if this is a hopeful, inspiring site.


Alone, yet not alone.


The sky is brilliance, vivid colors radiate

within it.  It is replete with

life, hope, promise, and splendor,

almost as if a heaven,

if one believes.


  1. Very nice Rose. Happy Memorial Day. xoxo

  2. Aw, so lovely, Rose!

  3. I love the painting and the poem. It really makes you think. Sharon

  4. Ove the solitary feeling it describes. Nice.

  5. Such a beautiful poem to match the poem. Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend though I wish the heat would abate. After our last summer I shudder just thinking about about fires and such destruction. Let us pray. Love, Alice

  6. A beautiful painting that brings both peace and strength to mind. Lynnette

  7. hi Rose, sorry I have never been able to understand poetry, obviously I am missing out here - something in my mental set up that prevents me from 'seeing' but I didn't want to not comment at all :)

  8. I like the sibilance of the first stanza. And what a strong image to write about. Ekphrastic, that is my new word for today. Thanks Rose!

  9. I write poetry as well. I had not thought about putting it on my blog. "replete with ... promise"