Wednesday, May 18, 2022



ALL THAT GLITTERS   by Rose Lefebvre©


Watching the sand as I stroll, I spot the golden glint within, suddenly

recall a childhood visit to a warm California beach and my discovery

of gold, so abundant, shimmering within the miniscule grains.

Sand bucket in hand, I set to mining the treasure, fantasizing

buying my two brothers each a Tonka truck, my sister a new doll,

mom a pretty new dress and purse, and dad a real airplane.

I visualized how delighted my family would be.

Two hours of toiling for the riches that everyone walked past,

totally unaware, I kept imagining how impressed my dad

would be of me, envisioning him acknowledging my hard work.


Back and knees aching, my bucket sparkled with my treasure,

my imagination picturing my family relocating to a castle

or a mansion with a large pool. I could hardly contain myself.

Bucket heavily filled, I ran to present it my mom and dad

on a beach blanket, so eager to see their excitement, so proud to

show the results of my arduous work. It’s gold! I excitedly declared.

Dad gazed into my bucket. Pyrite. Fools’ gold, he bluntly stated.

Mom muttered, Oh Harold, reaching her arms out to enfold me.

It’s not real. It’s worthless, dad replied as he turned to go to

my brothers and sister erecting an enormous sand castle.


I silently moved to the water until it lapped at my knees,

gradually dumped my bucket of golden disappointment,

leaving it all for some other fool.



  1. Loved "golden disappointment". Bravo.

  2. Beautiful as always Rose. Thanks for sharing your poetic heart.

  3. oh it makes me so sad that your Dad reacted like this Rose. Shows how we need to really be in tune with children.