Saturday, January 24, 2015


Got some painting done and my friend and contractor, Dennis W., put up the wainscoting! Yahoo!
The paint color I am doing is Behr Cool Jazz Ultra Interior Satin.  It is a light turquoise leaning more towards blue than green, or I think so.  At the top of the photo you can see the old color that I am covering up. It was way too dark for me with the dark floor.  Now the room is so much brighter! 
It will look so nice when everything is done!
I got a Queen sleigh bed for the guest room, now just have to get a mattress!
I do not like the color in there now and am trying to decide which way to lean.  
The color (which is really a dark beige, not yellow) and was looking at the colors of the bedding I got for it.
Hard to get a good photo of the bedding, which is lighter than photo above, but the color White Duck is what I am leaning towards.   I find it hard to make decisions!
I thought it would look nice with both the white bed and furniture and the piece of oak furniture that will go in the room.   I would never make it as an interior decorator as would take me forever to make choices!


  1. Rose you have excellent taste! Do us some "afters" as well won't you! Looking reeeeallly good!

  2. Those colors look pretty good to me.

  3. I think picking colors is really hard, but you've got an eye for what goes together, so maybe it isn't for you. This is lovely. I bet you can't wait to have it all done.

  4. Looks nice! When we do similar stuff in my house the wife has to pick the colors. I'd probably pick something like lime green for the walls, which my wife tells me is not acceptable.

  5. White duck has lovely warm undertones. I like it a lot. Your Tiffany blue dining room is splendid! I can't wait to see how you embellish it.

  6. Glad to see you are making progress on your home d├ęcor. I'm assuming this means you're getting over the flu bug. Hope to see you at Group on Wednesday. :-) Alice

  7. very pretty, delicate colors Rose, should be nice when it's all finished. I'm glad you're feeling better too. I'm very wary of flu shots so hopefully you didn't have to go that route. take care!

  8. I love the white beadboard! I have always wanted that in my house! And that pretty aqua blue on the walls is just gorgeous! Love your sleigh bed too. I want to do some redecorating, but I don't know where, hahaha! Sorry to hear you have been sick!