Friday, March 11, 2016


I have been stuck in an eddy, spinning and spinning with no creative results. Oh, there have been many starts without completion, and it has left me feeling uninspired.  I now have been looking at a few ideas to stir creativity into being, and decided to share them with you all. I am hoping some will work for me!
THE JAR:  You or your character is stranded alone on a deserted island after a shipwreck. He/she finds a jar one day washed up on the beach. There is a note inside. What does it say? Sho is it from? How does it affect the finder?
ANTIQUE: Write the autobiography of an antique. What is it; a piece of furniture, a mirror, a brush, etc? Where has it been? What has it done? what has it seen?
LETTER FROM THE PAST:  You are refinishing an antique desk/dresser/vanity (whatever) and when you remove a drawer you find hidden under it an old letter covered in dust. When was it written? To whom and from whom? What does it say? How does it make you feel?
BE LEAF:  Write with a tree as the narrator. Where is it: in a yard, forest, on a mountaintop, near a river, stream, lake? What has it seen and what does it see now? How does it feel? Does it have a message? (Pat L, this is for you!)
LITTLE BOX:  The story begins- "She touched the little box inside her pocket and smiled."  What is the box, what is in it, why does it make her smile?  What does it look like? Where did she get it?
TREE HOUSE:  You are looking at an old farmhouse and see a tree house in the end of the backyard. You climb up to look inside and see writing on one wall. What does it say? How does it make you feel?
BOX:  Your character has just inherited a home from an elderly relative who passed. He/she is going through the contents and discovers an old hatbox tucked under the bed.  What is inside? Letters, photographs, both? A gun? A collection of poems? A manuscript?
TRAVELING TRUNK:  The character is remodeling an old home and finally enters the attic.  Hidden by a veil of cobwebs in a dark, remote corner she discovers an old traveling trunk. What does it look like? What does he/she see when it is opened? What are the items inside? Is it a skeleton, book, clothes, a life's treasures? Is there a letter to the finder. letters between lovers, photographs of a world traveler? Paintings of old hidden inside? Sketches, plans for inventions, journals of a lifetime?

Well, lots of starts and hopefully I will hear back on what you all create!  I will definitely let you all know if I get going!


  1. Don't let us know IF you get going! Let us know WHEN you get going! You can do this!! I may even choose one of those starters!! Blessings, Cindy xo

  2. Aha, you're in an uncovering, discovering kind of mood! Hope you find a poem or story in one of those starts!

  3. Interesting... I hope it works for you!

    That little bat was so cute. I'm glad you set it free :)


  4. These are all wonderful! Really stirs the imagination! I love the 'box in the pocket' :) xx Karen

  5. Hi Rose, love all these great storyline starts. I know you will find an interesting story to write from them. Best of luck. xo

  6. What fun prompts!

  7. Great prompts-I will be painting instead of writing!

  8. I have missed a few of your posts - this looks like a great self challenge. I like the picture of you on your profile by the way - the hat suits you!