Wednesday, January 11, 2017


*Sigh*  I am so tired of these storms!  We got between 8 and 9 inches here where I live. 
I cannot go for walks with my walker and my little Honda does not have the proper tires for driving in it so am homebound.  It is okay for a one time thing, but it sure has been too much now.  It closes all the schools and many businesses, causes so many to have accidents and not be able to get to work.  It is exhausting. But I do try to find beauty in all of this turmoil.  So here is the beauty I see as I gaze from my windows. The fir trees do take on a lacy look.
The neighbors Japanese maple looks so pretty.
I believe this is a redbud tree and it sure has great color for winter.
Plants in neighbors yard look so cool!
and the neighbors flag with snowy backdrop.
Various items in my backyard create cool designs.
My rusty garden art unicorn has a white mane and tail!
The little girl is all white and was blown to face the wrong way. She is usually teasing the cat!
Bonsai looks so lovely!
Apparently my deck cover has a leak and I discovered this icicle.
The gazebo looks so lovely in this setting in my garden. Cold but lovely!


  1. The snow may cause some disruptions,but it also creates so much beauty.

  2. I like the aliens :) very pretty

  3. I'm glad you caught these while they lasted.

  4. What wonderful photos of the wintry beauty you are having!

    Thanks for sharing ~ FlowerLady

  5. Beautiful photos. I'm looking out my window and seeing a tapestry of snow rimed trees, and fluffy hats on all our flower pots. The squirrels and birds are busy at the feeders. Sunshine catching in the treetops across the way and a blue sky. Alice

  6. You are so blessed to have so much beauty around you, even from your house! Lynnette

  7. Sometimes humans are reminded that they are powerless compared to Nature... It creates beautiful pictures!

  8. So much snow!! this is perfect time snuggle under a blanket with cup of hot coffee. :)

    please visit:

  9. I love taking photos and have enjoyed seeing yours, Rose. There is so much to see and capture.

    I don't like to travel on ice and pray all who do go safely. With that said, I love the stillness of snow cover and the calming of urgency because if its blanket. Our trees are heavy laden...cast in icy snow. Beautiful against a blue blue sky.
    Say, do you know how to take night photos? Moon is out tonight in its full splendor. (I want to talk photography with you.)
    Thanks for sharing, Rose. Ruth

  10. Hi Rose,
    The snow does look lovely but yes so cold. The aliens made me smile. I hope that you can find a clear sidewalk to venture out with your walker. It's so hard to be housebound. Blessings, Karen

  11. Oh, it does look lovely, dear Rose, but I can understand your feelings of enough is enough! A gal could get a bad case of cabin fever under these conditions! Your area has really been hit hard this winter. The forecast for next week is for warmer weather here near Seattle and I hope that is true for you, too. They are saying it might get to be 50 by Tues.! I love your photos :) Take care and hang in there. Hugs xo Karen

  12. Your photos are gorgeous!
    So happy I found you and your lovely place here ♡