Tuesday, June 20, 2017


After church on Sunday, June 18th, I traveled the 10 miles to nearby Canby to enjoy the Renaissance Faire being held there.  I have been to a number of them over the years and do enjoy it. Even many people who attend will dress in costume. I used to when younger and loved fitting in with the frivolity! I had even made a costume for my husband and he wore it with pride! We were peasants.
I love seeing the costumes...
Sometimes I wonder about the people in the costumes...what they are like away from here...
There are shows to see and little plays...
and vendors selling their wares...
I got a henna tattoo here! It is not permanent like a real one and no pain!
And, of course, there is always the joust!
The crowd did thumbs up to allow the valiant knight to survive. Hazzah!
Even a pretty little pony was embellished for the occasion.
They had the largest rocking horses I have ever seen!  The children (and a few adults) enjoyed riding them.
I had a wonderful and relaxing day stepping back in time!
Hope you enjoyed the photo's and one day attend one of the fairs!


  1. Hi Rose,
    What wonderful photos of the fair. It does look like such fun! Have a Wonderful Week! Karen

  2. Rose, I remember you sharing photos from this fair last year. I loved them, and think it would be so fun to attend. I would wonder what the people were like or what they do for a living as well. Glad you got to go! The henna tattoo was unique.

  3. What wonderful fun! I wish my young grandson and his mom were visiting now so we could have gone to the faire together. But their vacation is still almost 2 weeks away. But thank you for sharing your great photography! Alice

  4. Awesome shots, never been to one. Glad you enjoyed it. Carrol

  5. I miss the Renaissance Fairs we used to have at Glen Helen. They were always fun, but HOT. This one looks beautiful! Lynnette

  6. I've always wanted to go to one, Rose! Love all the photos - the costumes are amazing! The grounds look very beautiful, too, with all the tall trees to keep things cool. Love the little pony and the wonderfully decorated booths. Pretty henna tattoo. My neighbor rents a booth at these kinds of fairs - I think I will join her next time one comes around! Thank you for inviting us along! xx Karen

  7. Hi Rose, this is my first visit to your blog and I am hooked. This festival looks like a blast. The outfits are marvelous and it looks like everyone is having a great time. Your photos are delightful.
    Your newest follower, Connie :)
    P.S. Please stop by and visit my blog, too . . . my welcome mat is always out:)

  8. What a fun day! Love the pony bedecked with flowers.

  9. this looks so interesting and so much fun. Very much like a medieval festival they have at a town south of here which I've always been meaning to go to. This year! Have a fabulous week ahead and thank you for stopping by my blog last week.

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