Monday, March 29, 2021


 Here is another poem I have written recalling memories of long ago vacations.

THOSE SUMMERS                                                                        

I remember sultry, sweaty summers

visiting relatives in Missouri, traveling

like gypsies from one home to another,

we ‘city kids’ always eager

for the once-a-year farm adventures--


Riding bareback astride a coarse horse blanket, 

feeling the bristly coat of the steed chafe

against our calves; The fun and fear of feeding hogs,

mom adamant we enter the pen barefoot, we not realizing 

the composition of the ooze beneath our feet;


Haphazard attempts to pluck eggs from feisty chickens 

reluctant to give up the treasure hidden within feathery nests;

Milking cows as cats begged for spurts of cream 

from sagging teats, feeding more to felines than to the bucket;


Harvesting bounty from generous vegetable gardens, me 

consuming more tomatoes than I gathered;

Digging up potatoes, carrots, and onions

from muddy soil, almost tasting the stew

we would feast upon that evening;


The delight we had playing ‘scarecrow’ in the cornfield, 

swaying in the temperate breeze, wailing 

to frighten off ravenous crows; Acquiring patience 

as we ‘drowned worms’ eager to hook the colossal catfish

grandpa alleged inhabited his reedy pond.


The laughable screams from my sister and me as we beheld 

a headless chicken dash around, later fleeing brothers armed 

with severed chicken claws; Rescuing wriggling kittens 

being dropped through the pipe in the root cellar roof

by the same mischievous brothers.

Pursuing fireflies, always just one blink behind,

but able to capture a few each evening,

watching their glow within a jelly jar.

Our brothers smeared the insect goo upon

their scrawny arms to glow in the dark.


Sometimes I yearn to once again be that lighthearted little girl

visiting kin in Missouri during the sultry,




  1. What a great childhood Rose. Being able to be on the farm and enjoy the duties of the farm life and the animals. Happy New Week and Happy Easter. xoxo

  2. Wonderful writing - so talented! Marie France

  3. Ah yes! I have some very similar memories! Thank you for sharing this poem. Sharon

  4. You do paint quite a picture with your words! Cindi

  5. I can smell, visualize, and feel these experiences! Especially the hogs and their pen! LOL. Steve

  6. Great memories, takes me back to my youth. Great poetry!

  7. Rose :
    this is delightful, bringing back so many memories of summers in dora Oregon.

  8. Beautiful poem Rose! I felt right on that farm with you ♥️ Betsy B

  9. This is lovely. In your heart you still can be that little girl. She lives on in your memories .

  10. Childhood memories are so sweet when viewed from the stericopticon of time. thanks for sharing! Alice

  11. Great poem, why are you not joining Chrysalis and bringing this poem?
    Live, Love, Laugh,

  12. What a wonderfully vivid picture of those summer vacation days. Delightful!

  13. I loved your poem. I recently wrote something a little similar - same but different - for my sister about childhood memories. Stay safe, enjoy your Easter and thank you again for visiting my blog.