Monday, July 26, 2021


 Today I am sharing two poems I wrote. I hope you will enjoy them.

THOUGHTS by Rose LefebvreJ

I gaze reflectively as moth thoughts

flutter against the light in my mind.

A billion stars dust the sky while

lunar silhouettes dance beneath the trees.


Silent shadows move about, specters in the dark.

Mist shifts across the moonlit field like spirits

drifting through to a mysterious destination.

A reed-thin echo of bird song drifts through the air.


The warm evening breeze licks my cheeks

as you swim through my thoughts.

Your name flutters from my lips.

She’s poetry in a world learning the alphabet by Rose LefebvreJ

The garden of her soul is brilliant color.

Forgetting herself, she laughs freely

with unconscious abandon

as her hair flirts with the summer breeze,

twirling, as if spirited, while her fingers

flit like restless butterflies.


Pursing lips, she blew

dandelion fairies into the breeze.

Flirty eyes playfully tease sensuality.

She dances to the music in her mind,

speaks with the rhythm of her heart.


There is a dancer in every woman.


  1. BOTH beautiful poems, Rose. You have a wonderful talent. xo Diana

  2. You have such a lovely way of weaving words! Deanna

  3. I have long admired your poetry and how creative you are. Liz

  4. Rose these are beautiful as always. You have such a way with words in your poems. They spark feelings. Just beautiful. xoxo

  5. I like the words about the dandelion fairies. My cousin and I used to catch them in the air and make wishes on them. That would be like catching fairies. Nice memory.

  6. moth thoughts flutter against the light in my cool! reed thin echo of bird! I can hear it. hair flirts with the summer breeze...I love this! So much I love about your 2 poems! I am glad you shared them! Nikki

  7. I enjoy your poetry as you paint such a lovely picture that I can visualize. I can hear and smell and feel so much. Bravo Rose! Kat