Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Last Saturday I needed a day for myself to help me shed the stress, worries and work that was overpowering me.  So I decided to be adventurous and head to Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge in Washington.
It was not a very long drive, less than an hour, and well worth it.
I was able to listen to so many bird songs and lucky to capture some of these birds in photographs.
Now I have no idea what kind of birds the first two are, but have a feeling someone might!
And maybe help identify all that I do not know!
I captured a mommy and daddy taking turns feeding their babies in a hole in a tree.
Caught one of them taking off from the next.
 I also heard large bullfrogs singing, though not as prettily as the birds.  
Now when I first heard the bullfrogs, all I could see were turtles and assumed the sound was coming from these. I was standing next to a man observing the turtles and said, "I did not know turtles made a sound?"  He looked at me and remarked that this was how they called out to each other, then he walked away.
It was later down the road that I saw the bullfrogs and realized I had been duped! I am just too gullible!
I saw lots of dragonflies but they move so fast that it was difficult to catch many of them, but these two were otherwise occupied so great for a risque capture.
The red one was a stalker for he seemed to be around me wherever I walked!  
This little guy was so close to me and sang such a lovely little song. I was so thrilled he did not fly away as the pictures  are so wonderful.
There was a blind halfway through the drive on a short trail, and I noticed a nest inside. When all the noisy people left, I backed into a corner and readied my camera. I was rewarded for my efforts. A swallow (so I was told) flew in and fed the babies. I think the one with red on his neck is the daddy.
I also saw plants, which I also cannot identify.
I spotted this red-winged blackbird in a tree and next thing I knew...
he leaned forward and took off!  I caught him just before he spread his wings.
Then I was thrilled when I spotted this guy--a blue heron!!!!
I was giggling with delight!  
Then when another car drew near, he took off.
 He flew towards the sun and I could not keep up.
On the hike I startled a young raccoon and he took shelter inside a hollow tree where he peeked out and watched me. It was so cute!
I was playing with a few photos and altered them to be "watercolors."
I love the way they look!!! What do you think?
I was so happy when I arrived home and very relaxed. In fact, I fell asleep and was 1 1.2 hours late to a friends Summer Solstice party!  Sorry Lisa!!
All in all, a great day and evening. 


  1. I just love seeing the wildlife from other states!


  2. I am glad you were able to relax and enjoy the beauties of nature.

  3. I had to show my husband your wonderful photos! You have an incredible talent, Rose. Thank you for sharing. Alice

  4. Once again Rose your images are electric. Beautifully captured. Back to nature is a sure fire way to destress and regroup. So pleased this outing worked wonders for you. I'll take a page out of your book Rose. :)

  5. Wow, you got some amazing photos!! Love the bird feeding the babies! I can see why you went home relaxed...just beautiful :)

  6. So many amazing and lovely shots.

  7. Your photos are fantastic!! I feel like I'm looking at a National Geographic magazine!
    Thanks so much for visiting.
    Mary Alice

  8. What a great opportunity to practice your wildlife shots.

  9. Rose,
    You have the gift for beautiful photos. It is like looking through a magazine. Gorgeous.

  10. Getting out among nature relaxes me too Rose. You saw some gorgeous animals and what fantastic photos you captured! Love the watercolor. Note card worthy my friend. The pink bloom looks a lot like Astilbe, but I'm thinking it's something more like a swamp bloom. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

  11. What beautiful wildlife photo's you have shared here! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving sweet comments! I always appreciate meeting new friends! Blessings, Cindy

  12. What gorgeous shots!

  13. I just love all of your gorgeous bird and wild life photos! They are amazing. The second bird is a cedar waxwing, I've always loved them!!